Tallulah Lingerie Boutique celebrates 10th birthday

Exactly 10 years ago long silk lingerie today Nicola Adams was opening up her brand new lingerie boutique in Islington called Tallulah Lingerie. Little did she know that 10 years later she’d have a loyal customer base and be nominated for Best Shop at the Stars Underlines awards.

The idea for the store started after her soon-to-be husbands music shop started feeling the effects of Internet music sales so they needed to change direction and as Nicola already had experience buying and retailing clothing, and she LOVED lingerie opening a boutique came naturally. Incidentally the name Tallulah comes from one of her favourite films Bugsy Malone with the character of Fat Sams girlfriend, Tallulah, played by Jodie Foster.

We visited the store last week and one thing that strikes you is the strong character. Think French boudoir and the Belle Époque. Even the piped music adds to the feel of the store with lounge music in the style of Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams crooning in the background. You can see from the photo’s below there’s a real distinctive look and feel to the store.

This style also shows in the brands Nicola chooses to stock. You’ll find lots of silk and lace with an abundance of mid to high end brands like Lejaby, Chantelle Thomas, Princesse Tam Tam and more. We asked Nicola how she chooses the brands to stock in the shop.

One of the highlights of the stores life is the nomination for Best Shop in the Stars Underlines Awards which takes place tonight (20th Nov) and talking to Nicola she has no idea on which of her customers nominated her, she told us “I was absolutely delighted to just be nominated for the award but after a few days thinking about it I now just want to win!”.

Over the years we’ve visited long silk lingerie lots of lingerie boutiques and there are a few, including Tallulah Lingerie that stand out from the rest mainly down to the character and atmosphere that they create..even the tea is good! We wish Nicola well in the Awards tonight and also for another 10 years of selling gorgeous lingerie and the final question we asked was what advice she would give to anyone thinking of opening a high street lingerie boutique.


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